Amazon mystery box pallet


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amazon mystery box pallet
Amazon mystery box price Policy:
<1092boxes(one truckload) $25 per box
≥1092boxes $22 per box
≥5460boxes(5 truckloads) within one month, $20 per box,but the cost for the fifth truckload will be only $10,840,meaning can save $11,000 for total 5 truckloads within one month.

Product Description:

Unlock a world of surprises with our Amazon Mystery Box Pallets! Perfect for resellers, bargain hunters, and thrill-seekers, each pallet is filled with a diverse assortment of products from Amazon. Whether you’re looking to stock up your store or simply enjoy the excitement of discovering what’s inside, our mystery boxes offer incredible value and endless possibilities.

Pricing Policy:

  • Less than 1092 Boxes (One Truckload):
    • Price per Box: $25
    • Perfect for smaller businesses or first-time buyers looking to explore our offerings.
  • 1092 Boxes or More:
    • Price per Box: $22
    • Great for businesses looking to maximize their inventory at a lower cost per unit.
  • 5460 Boxes (Five Truckloads) Within One Month:
    • Price per Box for the First Four Truckloads: $20
    • Special Pricing for the Fifth Truckload: $10,840
    • Total Cost for Five Truckloads: $98,200
    • Savings: $11,000
    • Ideal for high-volume purchasers seeking the best deal and maximum savings.

Key Benefits:

  • Diverse Selection: Each pallet contains a variety of items, providing a wide range of products that can appeal to different markets and customers.
  • Bulk Savings: Enjoy substantial savings when purchasing in bulk, with special discounts for larger orders.
  • Excitement of Discovery: The mystery element adds an exciting twist to your purchasing experience, with the potential to uncover high-value items.

Ideal For:

  • Retailers and Resellers: Boost your inventory with a wide array of products at competitive prices.
  • Entrepreneurs: Start a new business venture with minimal upfront investment.
  • Bargain Hunters: Enjoy the thrill of unboxing and discovering new items.

Seize the opportunity to stock up with our Amazon Mystery Box Pallets and enjoy fantastic savings on bulk purchases. Order now and let the adventure begin!

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