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These UGG pallets price is $800.00 for 120 pair’s all brand new and all come in boxes in one pallet.
Designed with care and precision, these shoe pellets ensure that your UGG footwear remains as cosy and fresh as the day you first slipped them on.

We have a wide variety of black and brown UGG shoes pallets for sale in stock which can be bought in large quantities at Bulk Liquidation Store. The reason we provide them at low rates is because we know that there is great demand for this kind of high quality, comfortable footwear. The brand is one of the most demanding shoes in the fashion industry.

UGG Shoes Pallets – Detailed Product Description


Upgrade your inventory with UGG Shoes Pallets, available for wholesale purchase. These pallets contain a variety of UGG shoes, known for their luxurious comfort, stylish designs, and high-quality materials. Perfect for retailers, resellers, and online store owners looking to offer premium footwear to their customers at unbeatable prices.

Product Features

1. Premium Quality:

  • Brand: All shoes are authentic UGG brand.
  • Materials: Made with high-quality materials such as genuine sheepskin, suede, and leather.
  • Comfort: Renowned for their plush comfort and durability.

2. Variety:

  • Styles: Includes a mix of classic UGG boots, slippers, sandals, and other popular footwear styles.
  • Sizes: A range of sizes for men, women, and children.
  • Colors: Assorted colors and designs to cater to diverse customer preferences.

3. Condition:

  • New: All items are brand new, with original tags and packaging.
  • Grade A: High-quality, first-grade products with no defects.

Pallet Details

1. Quantity:

  • Each pallet contains approximately 50-100 pairs of UGG shoes.
  • Exact quantity may vary depending on the specific pallet and inventory availability.

2. Pricing:

  • Competitive wholesale pricing, offering significant savings compared to retail prices.
  • Bulk purchase discounts available for larger orders.

3. Shipping:

  • Worldwide Shipping: We ship to locations around the globe.
  • Secure Packaging: Pallets are securely packed to ensure the safety of the products during transit.
  • Delivery Time: Delivery times may vary based on destination, but we strive to ensure timely and reliable shipping.

Legal claim

  • Authenticity Guarantee: All products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic UGG brand items.

With UGG Shoes Pallets and provide your customers with the luxurious comfort and style of UGG footwear. Perfect for retailers and resellers looking to offer premium products at competitive prices.

Benefits of Our UGG Shoes Pallets for Sale

  • Cost-effective: UGG shoes pallets for sale allow retailers to purchase shoes in bulk for low prices. Later, these can be resold at higher prices. Thus, it creates a great opportunity to make more earnings. This way it becomes easier for them to make huge profits without spending much on buying new merchandise.
  • Wide variety of styles and sizes: Our standard UGG shoe pallets have many different sizes and styles. Because of this, it becomes a great option for retailers to show the customers a wide section of shoes. Retailers can also use popular styles and sizes to manage stocks.
  • Authenticity guarantee: We are offering authentic products. You can contact us or directly purchase from our website. Customer satisfaction and long term business is our way of business. Rest assured you will have the real brand of product.
  • Easy to source: Our UGG pallets of shoes are sourced from the brand retailers. You will get the first delivery from us. If there is any problem with the shoe pallets we will change these.
  • Sustainable option: When buying one of UGG shoe pallets, the retailers are also helping in making the world a better place in terms of conserving resources since most of these pallets contain overstock or discontinued items that can be thrown out in no time.

Key Features of The UGG Pallets of Shoes


One reason for the popularity of UGG shoes is their comfort. Since the brand uses high-quality materials like soft sheepskin and plush wool, the wearer’s comfort is second to none. Besides, maximum shoes come with a cushioned sole and flexible designs. Because of this, it is suitable for wearing all day long.  You walk in town or relax in your house. These shoes will ensure that your feet are happy and warm all through.


Durability is one more notable feature of these shoes. Even though they are popular for being soft and strong. Such materials as leather and rubber are often utilised in manufacturing these shoes so that they can bear daily use without getting torn apart. At the same time, some types of UGG shoes are covered with water-repellent or dirt-resistant coating which makes them appropriate for different seasons and easy to tidy up.


These shoes aren’t only for keeping your feet warm and comfortable, they also offer a wide variety of styles and designs to suit different occasions. From traditional boots to fashionable sneakers, there’s something for everyone at UGG. Put on some UGG heels and hit the town, or wear their slip-on loafers for a more laidback appearance. There are so many choices that finding the perfect pair of shoes to match your personal style is simple.

Materials and Sustainability

UGG uses top-grade materials in their sneakers like sheepskin or wool. These materials are not only comfy but also bring a variety of positive effects to the environment. Sheepskin is an eco-friendly material and therefore can be obtained anywhere without damaging anything that surrounds it. Hence it qualifies as a renewable choice. Additionally, UGG has committed to using more sustainable practices in its production process to reduce its carbon footprint.


Our UGG pellets of shoes help retain the original shape and structure and reduce the frequency of purchasing new pairs.

Get your black and brown UGG shoes pallets for sale and offer your customers premium products.


1. What is included in a UGG Shoes Pallet?

  • Each pallet includes a mix of various UGG shoe styles, sizes, and colors, all brand new with original tags and packaging.

2. How many pairs of shoes are in a pallet?

  • Each pallet typically contains between 50-100 pairs of UGG shoes.

3. Are the shoes authentic?

  • Yes, all shoes are authentic UGG brand products.

4. Can I choose the specific styles and sizes included in the pallet?

  • Pallets are pre-packaged with a variety of styles and sizes to offer a diverse selection. Specific requests can be discussed for bulk orders.

5. Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

  • Yes, we offer competitive pricing and discounts for larger orders. Please contact us for more details.

6. How long does shipping take?

  • Shipping times vary based on the destination, but we aim to ensure prompt and reliable delivery.
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